Isuledda Beach is in the district of San Teodoro. It is a very big beach, 500 meters long. It is very crowded and has all the services needed. The complete name is Isuledda Point, because it seems to be a spur that delimits the southern side of the Protected Sea Area of Tavolare - Punta Coda Cavallo. 

One of the peculiarities of this beach, not a common characteristic of Sardinia's beaches, is the low sea bottom made by very thin and white sand. The water is not deep for a lot of meters from the coast, making it perfect for kids. Usually in Sardinia there are small beaches, hard to reach, with rocks instead of sand and with very deep water. The characteristic of San Teodoro area is to have very large, sandy and easy reachable beaches (think of La Cinta or Cala Brandinchi).

In fact, it is not a case if these beaches are always very crowded and loved, especially by families on holiday. The space is so extended that anyone can find a private and relaxes spot far from the typical mess of a packed beach. Isuledda is surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub and by wonderful sand dunes. There are a lot of different animals and vegetation that contribute to make this place even better. Juniper trees, strawberry trees, myrtle, olive trees and other plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub make the air full of marvelous scents and the landscape full of colors, from the yellow to the green, that match perfectly with the water: blue, light blue, turquoise, emerald green. In the beach background there is also a small lake that gets dry on summer, fed by the Lu Chissaggu River. 

What to do and how to get there

Isuledda Beach, because of its proximity to San Teodoro, is very easy to reach and is full of all the services needed by who love the beach-life: car parking, restaurants, bars, umbrellas rental and kayak rental. The beach is very appreciated by surfers because of its waves on windy days and because of the beautiful landscape all around: Tavolara Island, Capo Coda Cavallo, Puntaldìa.

Reach Isuledda is very easy: from Olbia, just take the state street 125 to San Teodoro and turn left at the crossroad of provincial street 1. From Cagliari, drive on the state street 131 till the Nuoro-Olbia interchange, then take the SS131 DCN and stay there for 122 km until you reach San Teodoro.



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