With the beginning of September there are a series of traditional events throughout the island: fairies and activities involving in particular the inhabitants of towns and that invite tourists to learn more about old arts and crafts passed down with great care and preciseness.

The events that we introduce in this article are identified by name Cortes Apertas and are very interesting itineraries for those who want to get in touch with the authentic heart of our island, a source of beauty and charm unaltered over centuries.

What is the meaning of Cortes Apertas?

In Sardinian language Cortes Apertas means open courtyards: during these events, in fact, the courtyards of the historic houses of the towns are open to the public and are home to the craftsmen that illustrate their work. Specifically: the wool processing, threshing, harvesting grain, the wood carving and decoration of ceramics.
The first edition took place in Oliena in 1996, today Cortes Apertas is an initiative organized in 27 towns in the province of Nuoro on the weekends, from September to December, an original way to celebrate the arrival of autumn.

One of the closest destinations to San Teodoro is Dorgali, where from 18th to 20th September you can see the creation of handcrafted jewelry, result of the prestigious goldsmith tradition of this town.
Cortes Apertas event in Sardinia 

There is a Sardinian expression to define the quality and accuracy of the details of the Dorgali 's jewels, it is "fachende zoigas", a work that testifies to the uniqueness of a product handmade by a craftsman.
On Friday 18th at 6:30 pm the event will begin with an itinerary through the courtyards, in the evening at 9:30 pm a concert by the band I Ruido will celebrate the event with rock music, an original choice to promote local excellences.
On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th will be held all activities related to the traditions of Dorgali, starting with the folk dancers in traditional costume that will enliven the town's streets following the rhythm of Sardinian dance.
The open courtyards are more than 50 and host exhibitions, workshops and wine tasting. In Dorgali there are craftsmen who build musical instruments, working leather, filigree, wood and much more, so it is advisable to take the opportunity to see how they realize traditional products and what are the distinctive features of each of these products.
Thanks to guided tastings you can taste wines and local delicacies surrounded by enchanting scenery, because the ancient courtyards were most important places in the daily life of a small town.
For more information please contact the Associazione turistica ProLoco di Dorgali, phone number 0784/96243, email proloco@dorgali.it.
Check the complete calendar of Cortes Apertas:

Traditional event Sardinia

18, 19 20 September Dorgali
19, 20 September Sarule
25, 26 27 September Austis
26, 27 September Orani
2, 3, 4 October Lula
3, 4 October Tonara
9, 10 11 October Gavoi
9, 10 11 October Meana Sardo
10, 11 October Onanì
17, 18 October Orgosolo
17, 18 October Belvì
23, 24 25 October Sorgono
24, 25 October Aritzo
30, 31 October and 1 November Desulo
30, 31 October and 1 November Lollove
6, 7 8 November Ovodda
6, 7 8 November Mamoiada
13, 14 15 November Nuoro
13, 14 15 November Tiana
21, 22 November Olzai
21, 22 November Atzara
27, 28 29 November Ollolai
28, 29 November Teti
4, 5 6 December Gadoni
6, 7 8 December Fonni
11, 12 13 December Orune


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