In Sardinia, during summer, it's nice to spend days on the beach, swimming in the clear sea and tanning under the sun, taking advantage of a season that here lasts longer than elsewhere.

Because of the hot weather, however, it's better to wait for the evening to go for a walk downtown or to go shopping, so every year in San Teodoro, from June to September, there is the evening market Coclearia, a very successful initiative among tourists who love to shop on vacation.

What is the Coclearia market

This market consists of more than 100 stands placed in the streets of the center, six market areas, street performers who put on shows and musical events that help to enliven the summer evenings.

Many shops, bars and restaurants, furthermore, remain open late at night, a great idea for those who want to dine out and take the chance to buy souvenirs, clothing, accessories and gifts to bring back from holiday.

The name of the market Coclearia is derived from cochlea, word meaning “shell” and it was used at the time of the ancient Romans to call a place located within 15 miles from Olbia, probably San Teodoro.

Today the shell is the symbol of the market, open every evening from 8:00 pm until 2 am.

Among the shops opened during Coclearia, we mention Aquasport, located at Via San Francesco 2, specialized in clothing and footwear for men and women, recommended for those who want to renew their own wardrobe with sportswear garments to show off in the summer evenings.

At the stands set up in the streets you will find crafts of all kinds, an opportunity to discover the local traditions and meet those who create handmade jewelry and other accessories.

The whole area of the market is pedestrianized, so it's very pleasant to spend the evening walking and being tempted by the many shops and stands open; the streets where are located the stands are Via Sardegna, Via dei Gerani, Largo dei Platani, Piazza Gallura, Largo Emilio Lussu, Via Don Gavino Pes, Via San Francesco and Via del Tirreno.

Go shopping in the evening, perhaps after spending many hours at the beach, is a funny way to enjoy 100% your stay in San Teodoro, one of the liveliest towns in Gallura.

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