Sardinia is a region that has plenty of stories, unique landscapes, breathtaking views, an oasis where silence is equal to the natural beauty that is its essence.
It is also a place where traditions are more solid than elsewhere and where you can be king of a desert island. For this reason we tell you about Tavolara, island that is located in Gallura and is easily reachable from San Teodoro.
The first thing you notice here is the shape of the island, which is 6 km long and 1 km wide and, according to some, recalls a petrified ship, symbolized by the "boat's wheel" facing the open sea, the spot on the East side of the island called Punta Timone.
The other end, at the southwest, is called Spalmatore di Terra and is facing Loiri Porto San Paolo, from where small boats start to reach Tavolara.
This enchanting land is a part of the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo, not far from Costa Smeralda and an authentic jewel of Sardinia, a place where bathing is permitted only on a restricted area and scuba diving are authorized only at the diving center, just to preserve to the utmost of the ecosystem.

The History of the Tavolara King

Visit Tavolara means going to the smallest kingdom in the world, although there is no legal recognition: the island was discovered in the late XVIII century by Giuseppe Bertoleoni, who proclaimed himself king and since then the title has been handed down over the centuries.
According to the legend, Tavolara was visited by Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, in 1896, however today the Bertoleoni are owners of two restaurants and some houses on the island, while the rest of the island belongs to the Marzano family and a part is a military zone property of NATO.
Tavolara is home to many species of rare seabirds and, in the past, wild goats with gold teeth.
In other words, when you are in Tavolara you get the impression of being in a fabulous place that effectively represents the uniqueness of Sardinia, made up not only by natural wonders but also by legends and unique characters.

Visit the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara

You can join guided tours to the protected area asking to the info point centers (also in San Teodoro) that offer many activities, such as hiking, kite surfing courses and canoeing, scuba diving and dolphin watching.
Carefully watch a place that remained almost unaltered and it hasn't been subjected to human intervention is a privilege; for this reason you should make a stop in Tavolara during your stay in Sardinia.
To find out which services are available in the protected area, see the official website: http://www.amptavolara.com/attivita/servizi/.
In the following video you can see an amazing time-lapse that shows the most beautiful views of Tavolara protected area.

Deep Inside from AMP Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo on Vimeo.

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