A sardinian island where you can eat food from Genova. That's Carloforte, a small city on the San Pietro island, 10 km away from the sardinian coast. We are in Sardinia, but everything here reminds to Genova: the cooking, the speaking tongue, the traditions.

The Genoese origin of Carloforte stands back in the centuries. In 1540, fishers and traders from Pegli (a district of Genoa) left the homeland to reach a Tunisian island, Tabarca, to find the “red gold from the sea”, the coral. After a couple of centuries, arab people and pirates made them leave the island and find refuge along the sardinian coast. Here they founded the cities of Carloforte and Calasetta and began the crazy stoy of the “Genoese people of Sardinia”.


One of the most beautiful places in Italy

Carloforte is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with small squares, the pier, the small port and the ancient churches. Outside the city walls you can still admire buildings from the XVIII and XIX century and the statue of Carlo Emanuele III di Savoia, king of Italy once, who let these people to colonize San Pietro island. Today 6.400 people live in Carloforte, and in their veins flows the blood of Africa, Genoa and Sardinia. And they speak a strange language very similar to genoese but very ancient.

Discovering Carloforte

The best way to visit the island is to rent a dinghy or a boat and explore all the island, discovering beautiful places you could not reach otherwise. The coast offer all kinds of beaches, from sand to rocks to cliffs over the sea. This is also a perfect spot for birdwatching: you could see the rare Queen's Falcon or the pink flamingos.

You can reach San Pietro by boat from Calasetta and also bring the car with you.


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