La Cinta is undoubtedly the most popular beach in San Teodoro and is the first destination that we recommend to those coming for the first time in Gallura, because is one of the most peculiar attractions of this part of Sardinia.

We refer to the white sand, the turquoise colored water, and the scents that you can feel just off the beach: the juniper, the sea lily and the elicriso adorn the dunes and a landscape that has remained pure despite being visited each year by many tourists.

For those staying in the center of San Teodoro, La Cinta is within walking distance, ideal for a refreshing dip, for a stroll along the waterfront (about 5 km long) looking for relief in the shade of the vegetation that outlines the boundaries of the beach.

La Cinta is provided also with great facilities, namely a tourist information point, useful if you are planning your own itinerary in the surroundings, a kiosk to have a tasty break, the boat rental, sun beds and umbrellas, parking for those arriving by car.

At the area Fuchìtta there is the Kite Zone, dedicated exclusively to those who practice kite surfing, a viable alternative for lovers of active holidays that here can follow courses and private lessons with kite surf instructors. Tourists who wish to see up close the pink flamingos, here will have the chance to gape because these and other beautiful animals inhabit the large lagoon behind the beach and is very easy to meet them.

Those who prefer to go to sea when the beach is less crowded will have no problems in La Cinta because it is very large beach; however, you can just go to the beach early in the morning or in the afternoon to enjoy your holiday.

Getting to La Cinta by car is easy: from Olbia you need to take the State Road SS 125 direction San Teodoro - Olbia, follow it for 23.8 km and turn left at the junction of the main entrance to the town of San Teodoro. After 850 meters there is a bridge and you have to immediately turn left and continue for 1.3 km to the parking lot of the beach. San Teodoro is one of the most popular destinations for stays close to the unpolluted sea, discover its beautiful beaches, the weather is very good also in September!

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