How to pick the most beautiful beach in San Teodoro?

Crystal clear water and shallow seabed are common features in Sardinia, so the difference is in the details and you could choose according to your personal needs.

If La Cinta beach is the most famous beach and often the most crowded, Cala Brandinchi is more exotic and lush even in the off season, in fact we recommend visiting this beach from October to May: you will be amazed by the enchanting greenery, the fine white sand and transparency of the sea.

Due to the favorable climate that reigns in Sardinia for most of the year, particularly at Cala Brandinchi it seems to be on a Polynesian beach. From this comparison derives the nickname "Little Tahiti" assigned to Cala Brandinchi, a further reason to include this place during your route in Gallura.

How to Get to Cala Brandinchi

Starting from San Teodoro, you need to go on the SS 125 main road northbound, turn right after 8 km to Capo Coda Cavallo, go straight for 900 meters and then turn right again onto a dirt-track road that leads to the Cala. You can park your car at Salina Bamba and from there continue on foot to the beach.

The junipers, thistles, rushes, the water shades ranging from emerald green to turquoise through blue, are the best welcome for those who love the unspoilt landscapes.

At Cala Brandinchi are also available these services for tourists: rental of umbrellas and sunbeds, paddle boats, kayaks, canoes and rafts rental.

In some parts of the beach there are areas suitable for playing beach volleyball, while behind the beach there is a pine forest and a pond, where birdwatchers can see herons, flamingos and the rare bird cavalieri d'Italia (that you can see in the picture below).

There is also another reason why this cove is an important place: on 17th October, 1867, Giuseppe Garibaldi embarked from here, on the run from the island of Caprera and direct to Piombino to free Rome. Come and discover the magic mood of Cala Brandinchi, you can see that it has nothing to envy even to the real Tahiti!

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