We already told you about the wonders that you can find at the San Teodoro Lagoon in this article. There are flamingos, a big basin and the astonishing La Cinta beach. While exploring this magic place you can find beautiful spots and you will taste the flavour of true and pure nature, still present in Sardinia. And the beauty grows if you go to the north side of the lagoon, where there is one of the most beautiful and evocative itinerary of all Sardinia: La Peschiera (The Fish Farm).

In addition to the itinerary, that goes deeper and deeper into the most pure nature, you will find expert guides that will follow you through the itinerary, ready to answer to any of your questions. The itinerary is 1,5 Km long and consists in a fenced path inside a small forest. Even if there isn’t total freedom of exploration, along the way you will find a lot of information plaques that will tell you more about local animals and plants. In Spring, you will be astonished by the blooming of beautiful flowers like orchids and walking along the basin you will see different species of birds.

The place is perfect also for people that love sports that include animals, like birdwatching or fishing. The bird that rules the lagoon is the flamingo, that arrive in Sardinia to pass the winter. They are so loved and respected, that local people call them “the red people”, as a sign of respect.

For the fishing lovers, the itinerary “La Peschiera” is the perfect place. During Summer, you can take part to organized fishing groups with some experts that will help you and give you all the informations about the lagoon and the territory. In the lagoon you will fish with the sluice system. The lagoon is also famous for the production of fisg eggs, for the oyster farm and for collecting clams.

Oyster farm

The itinerary

You can decide to explore the lagoon and walk “The Peschiera” in two different ways.

The Natalibera organization offers trips during all the year with the transfer in a 4x4 jeep included.

For a boat trip instead, you can contact Orizzonti di Gallura organization, that offers itineraries by boat in the basin of San Teodoro departing from the Peschiera pier. The tour lasts one hour and will offer you a unique sight of the basil between seagulls, cormorants and herons. From the landing spots you will easily reach La Cinta beach and then continue the sailing to the osprey nest.

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