Snorkeling is one of the best activities to do in Sardinia, because it allows you to explore the wonders of the seabed that have no comparisons with other places, and it is a sport enjoyed by everyone without any difficulty.
Snorkeling is the practice of swimming with a diving mask, snorkel and swim fins remaining on or through the body of water, up to 5 meters deep (unlike scuba diving, which is a mode of underwater diving with scuba tanks), and we also recommend it to those who It has not experienced since the Sardinia seabed deserve to be seen up close: you will discover a world teeming with life in the depths of the sea.
To begin, follow this guide to the 4 most beautiful places for snorkeling in San Teodoro and other easy-to-reach places during your stay in Gallura.

Cala Goloritzé  

I posti migliori in Sardegna dove fare snorkeling


As we reported in the post Goloritzè, the National Italian Monument beach, this beach is considered a monument to protect and at the same time a natural unsung gem.
The beach, in fact, can be reached only following a hiking path or by sea by boat. The shades of turquoise water are an invitation to swim and dive to discover its beautiful depths.


Budoni Credits: fondali.budoniwelcome.it


Budoni is located on the north-eastern coastal stretch of the island and offers several chances for those who love water sports or relax at the beach.
Among the spots most suitable for snorkeling, we suggest Ottiolu, a large area where you can both admire beautiful fish and also archaeological finds (in this area, in fact, remains dating back to the Roman Age have been found).

The ideal place for snorkeling, however, is the area of the Pedrami Rocks, inhabited by colorful fish and protected species such as the giant limpet.


Tavolara Credits www.parks.it


The Marine Protected Area of Tavolara is one of the most scenic areas of the Mediterranean Sea and is ideal for snorkeling. There are many coves and inlets to explore, from Capo Ceraso to Punta Isuledda (1,5 km far from San Teodoro), so there is plenty of choice on the spots where to do snorkeling diving in this island.

Around Tavolara, precisely at Porta San Paolo, there is the opportunity to join a guided excursion to discover the underwater wreck of the ship Crisso, a not to be missed experience to do in Sardinia.

Cala Mariolu  

Cala Mariolu Credits: www.sardinianbeaches.com/best-snorkeling-beaches-sardinia/

Cala Mariolu owes its name to the monk seal, called "mariolu" (“thief”) by fishermen, because he stole the fish from the nets.
The beach is characterized by a mixture of sand and round pink and white pebbles and the sea here it has the emerald hues.
Cala Mariolu is one of the most frequented beaches by tourists in the summer because of the stunning natural scenery that surround it, for this reason we recommend to snorkel here especially in June and September, when it is less crowded.

Preview photo Credits: www.lasardegna.net

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